NEW YORK BLOWER – Axial, Centrifugal, Propeller, Fiberglass, Plug Type, Plenum Type Blowers and High Temp Fans

AIRTECH BLOWERS – Regenerative Vacuum and Pressure Blowers

HOFFMAN-LAMSON (Gardner Denver) – Centrifugal Blowers


L.A.TURBINE – Turbo – Expanders, Expander – Generators, Geothermal Power Generation, Field Repair / Service

PARKER / PECO FILTRATION – Gas Filters / Coalescers, Liquid / Liquid Separators, Scrubbers, Dry Gas Filters, Carbon Adsorbers, Liquid Filters


WORLDWIDE AIR-COOLED EXCHANGERS – Air Cooled Heat Exchangers, Replacement Bundles and Parts

SHECO – Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers (TEMA and HTRI, ASME Code to Section I or VIII, API 660, NACE MR-0175)

CTI INDUSTRIES – Steam Condenser Repair and Heat Exchanger Repair

E-TECH ECONOMIZERS – Boiler Economizers, Waste Heat Recovery

MECS – Du Pont-Air Preheaters, Welded Plate Heat Exchangers. Gas Fired Air Heaters

MUNTERS – Gas / Gas Plate or Tubular Heat Recovery Exchangers, Air PreHeater

OMEGA – Inflated Plate Heat Transfer Surface

PROSONIX – Direct Steam Injection Heating for Water, Hi-Solids and Aggressive Slurries, and Wastewater Process

TRANTER – Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers, Gasketed or Welded, Plate and Frame, Shell & Plate, Field Service


AFTON PUMPS – Vertical Single Stage and Multistage API Pumps, Inline Pumps

LEWA – NIKKISO PUMPS – Metering Pumps, Process Pumps, Centrifugal Pumps, Cryogenic, Submersible and Canned Pumps

NORTHERN PUMPS – Gear Pumps with Discharge Pressures Up to 2000 PSI


MJ&H FABRICATION – Vessels, Process Piping, Skid and Modular Packages, and Structural Steel for a Broad Range of Industries

LISEGA – Constant and Spring Pipe Hangers and Supports, Hardware Systems

BACHMANN INDUSTRIES – Dampers, Diverters, Louvers, Butterfly Poppets, Flaps, Expansion Joints

FPE FLUID POWER ENERGY – Three-Way Thermostatic Valves, Spin-Clean Oil Cleaning Centrifuge, Air Stop Emergency Engine Intake Air Shutoff Valve

GENERAL RUBBER – Single and Multiple Arch Rubber Expansion Joints, Duckbill Check Valves, Vibration Pads

NATIONWIDE BOILER – Rental Boilers and Auxiliaries, New Boilers, CataStack SCR Systems for Boilers and Fired Heaters

NATIONWIDE CONTROL SOLUTIONS – Design and Packaging of Combustion Controls and Burner Management Systems

NORRISEAL-WELLMARK – Level Controllers, Control Valves, Pressure Controllers, Piston Check Valves, Norris Butterfly Valves

SAPPHIRE – Free Spin In-line Turboexpander, Converts wasted energy to usable electricity

SENIOR FLEXONICS HOSE DIVISION – Metal and PTFE hoses, Flex Connectors, Metal Expansion Joints and Vibration Isolation