Products / Services

Afton Pumps ( Vertical single stage and multistage API inline pumps

Airtech Vacuum ( Vacuum pumps, blowers, and designing entire systems

Bachmann Industries (  Dampers (diverters, louvers, butterfly poppets, flaps, guillotines), Expansion Joints

CTI Industries ( Steam condenser repair and heat exchanger repair

E-Tech Economizers ( Economizers, waste heat recovery

Fluid Power Energy – FPE ( Three-way thermostatic valves, Spin-Clean oil cleaning centrifuge, Air Stop emergency engine intake air shutoff valve

General Rubber ( Single & Multiple arch rubber expansion joints. Duckbill check valves. Vibration pads

Hoffman-Lamson, A Gardner Denver Co. ( Centrifugal blowers

L.A.Turbine – Chart Industries ( Turbo-expanders, expander-generators, geothermal power generation, field repair / service

Lewa – Nikkiso Pumps ( Metering Pumps, Process Pumps, Centrifugal Pumps, Cryogenic, Submersible and Canned Pumps

Lisega ( Constant and Spring Pipe Hangers and Supports, hardware systems

MECS – Du Pont ( Air Preheaters, Welded Plate Heat Exchangers

MJ&H Fabrication ( Vessels, process piping, skid and modular packages, and structural steel for a broad range of industries

Munters / DesChamps ( Gas / Gas Plate or Tubular Heat Recovery Exchanges, Gas Fired Air Heaters

Nationwide Boiler ( Rental Boilers and auxiliaries, New Boilers, CataStack  SCR Systems for boilers and fired heaters.

Nationwide Control Solutions ( Design and Packaging of Combustion Controls and Burner Management Systems

New York Blower ( Axial and Centrifugal Blowers, Fiberglass, Plug Type, Plenum Type, High Temp Fans

NorrisealWellmark ( Level controllers, control valves, pressure controllers, piston check valves, Norris butterfly valves

Northern Pumps ( Gear Pumps with discharge pressures up to 2000 PSI

Omega Thermal Products ( Inflated laser welded heat transfer surface, clamp-on and Immersion style plates

Parker – PECO ( Gas filters/coalescers, liquid / liquid separators, scrubbers, dry gas filters, carbon adsorbers, liquid filters

Senior Flexonics Hose Division ( Flexible Hose Assemblies (Flexible Connector Applications. CSA Certified, Metal, PTFE, Cryogenics & Compressed Gas hoses)

SHECO ( Shell and tube heat exchangers (TEMA and HTRI, ASME Code to section I or VIII, API 660, NACE MR-0175)

Tranter ( Plate and frame heat exchangers.  Gasketed or Welded.  Plate and Frame, Shell & Plate, Prime heat surfaces.  Field service

Worldwide Air Cooled Exchangers ( Air cooled heat exchangers, high efficiency fans